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Edleson & Hindman is one of San Diego’s preeminent and most reputable boutique law firms. We specialize in representing individuals and companies in litigation both in San Diego and throughout California. Together we have over 85 years of legal experience. Most important, we have handled well over 100 jury trials and arbitrations. Our success rate is over 90 percent.

Louis “Chip” Edleson and Jesse Hindman have built an exceptional reputation by consistently winning high-dollar verdicts and arbitration awards in hard-fought cases against large law firms and in successfully representing individuals and companies in high-stakes litigation.

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​​​​​​​Louis "Chip" Edleson
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Jesse Hindman, Esq.

Proven Results


In 2018, Chip won an $18.6M jury verdict in a single-plaintiff wrongful termination/defamation case. The case was heavily-litigated against Allstate Insurance Company. At trial, Allstate brought in a team of 7 attorneys from 4 different firms. The jury found in our client’s favor, voting unanimously for our client on nearly every question. The jury awarded $2.6M in compensatory damages and $16M in punitive damages. The trial court upheld the judgment on post-trial motions.


Won a jury verdict in favor of a salesperson formerly employed by Carrier Corporation, part of a Fortune 500 company. Opposing trial counsel from an earlier case (where we won a jury trial with a punitive damage finding) asked us to join in the representation and handle the trial. A jury agreed Carrier breached its contract, committed fraud, and awarded $8 million in punitive damages. We fought against a team from a well-known national law firm.


We won a jury verdict in favor of a San Diego contractor against Hess Microgen, a subsidiary of a huge oil company. The jury rejected claims made against our client and agreed with us that Hess Microgen breached its contract and interfered with contractual relationships. The jury awarded $6 million in punitive damages. During the case we battled against two large national law firms.

Please note: The results of specific cases presented on this website were dependent on the facts of that case. Results in any given case will differ if based on different facts. Edleson & Hindman offers no guarantee concerning the outcome of any specific case. Some verdicts portrayed on this website were later reduced due to settlement and/or judicial reduction.

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