Edleson & Hindman is the firm other lawyers and judges call when they or their family or friends need help.

Choosing an attorney to handle a lawsuit is a critical decision. The two most important questions you can ask the attorney you are interviewing to represent you are:

  1. How jury trials have you had? and
  2. Who else has hired you?

Our clients typically have access to, and the financial ability to hire, the best lawyers. Our client base covers the spectrum, from small start-up companies to multi-national corporations, from blue-collar workers to Fortune 500 executives.

The firm’s clients have included numerous attorneys and large national law firms as well as two San Diego judges (one federal, one state), the City of San Diego, two Mayors of San Diego, the former president of San Diego State University, Qualcomm Inc., Anacomp, Inc., the former CEO of Catalina Restaurant Group, Thornton Winery, the founder of La Jolla Xterra Wetsuits,  and high-level executives from other companies and large corporations.

Most all of our clients come to us through referrals from other attorneys, often those we battled against in prior lawsuits who have had first-hand knowledge of our ability, work ethic, and professionalism.

While we have handled cases for many prominent and highly respected members of the San Diego community, we treat every client with the same respect and attention.


What They're Saying About the Firm and Our Attorneys

Here’s what a few of our recent clients and opposing counsel have had to say about us:

Edleson & Hindman have a team approach to lawyering that is both effective and refreshing. They worked seamlessly together to help resolve a difficult, contentious, and complicated matter. I’d highly recommend them.

Attorney/Partner in San Diego law firm, Oct. 2016

Chip Edleson is a top notch trial lawyer and professional all the way.  When you are against him, you better bring your ‘A’ game.

Opposing counsel from large national employment defense firm

It was my pleasure to be represented by Edleson & Rezzo [as the firm was known before it became Edleson & Hindman]. From the beginning of my case, I was well informed of my legal rights and options. Throughout the process I was able to have all of my questions and concerns addressed and answered in a professional, timely manner.  They are a knowledgeable firm, but above all else, Great People.

Former client in employment case resulting in large jury verdict

Chip effectively represented my case against one of the world’s largest employers (and their deep bench of attorneys) and reached a settlement that was well beyond anything I would have expected. His expertise and professionalism put me at ease throughout the entire process.

Former client in employment case against Fortune 500 company

As a high-performing C-Suite executive, I was shocked to be suddenly fired and in need of legal help.  I wanted the personal attention of a small firm with the unlimited resources of a large firm; I found it at Edleson & Rezzo [predecessor to Edleson & Hindman].  They have over 55 years combined of experience in litigation and negotiating settlements and strong relationships with a vast network of resources.  Chip not only invested the time to listen to me and understand the nuances of my particular case, but he also helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life with the care and respect they showed me throughout the inherently complex and vulnerable process of litigation.  Our opponent was a huge firm invoking unusually aggressive tactics, yet Chip fought hard for me and won…without compromising his own ethics or mine.  I give the firm my highest recommendation!

Executive in Retaliation/Wrongful Termination case, Oct. 3, 2016

As General Counsel at Anacomp, I asked Chip to pitch his services to our Board of Directors in the middle of a high stakes lawsuit in which we were represented by a Top 10 Law Firm and the other side was represented by another Top Ten Law firm. I was frustrated that we had spent a lot of money on attorney’s fees and not gotten very far in the litigation. After we thoroughly vetted Chip, the Board agreed with my recommendation to have him take over the case on a contingency fee basis, confident in their big-firm background and extensive trial experience. The decision proved to be an excellent one. Chip worked tirelessly on the case and achieved a fantastic result when the other side caved at the start of trial, all without having to pay anything in fees until after the case was resolved.

Paul Najar, former General Counsel of Anacomp, Inc., Oct. 2016

I hired Edleson & Hindman to pursue a breach of employment and shareholder contract arbitration.  When I first met Chip, I immediately noticed he was very professional and passionate about his work.  Chip Edleson went above and beyond his duties as my attorney.  He was informative, always available and most importantly, he cared! Chip initially comes across as a quiet and considerate individual.  He listens, absorbs detail and opinions, and then makes convincing recommendations and decisions that get right to the heart of the issues. He is excellent in simplifying the matter.  For this arbitration, Chip fought against top lawyers (and law firms) in San Diego.  This was a hard fought issue on both sides involving material sums of money.  Chip’s reputation as an honest attorney was true asset to my case.  Chip took control of the case, kept us informed and involved in every step of our journey. Chip’s quick study and experience was evident as he swiftly and expertly handled the case with a positive outcome.  My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of Chip.  He has proven to be an expert attorney, upholds the highest of ethics, and will go above and beyond the normal call of duty for his clients!  I would highly recommend Edleson & Hindman to anyone who needs great representation – attorneys with integrity, experience, and their client’s best interest at heart.  Attorneys of this quality are rare and hard to find.

Former client in employment case (CEO of a high tech company)

Chip has the perfect mix of hard-charging litigation expertise and pragmatic negotiating perspective.  He was creative with his fee structure when it made sense, giving me the best bang for the buck; and he was incredibly efficient with my schedule so that I could put this thing behind me without having to spend a ton of time on it.

Executive in Breach of Employment Contract case handled by Edleson & Rezzo [predecessor to Edleson & Hindman] where client was orignally the defendant, but instead of having to pay anything to the employer, the jury awarded him past-due wages, Sept. 2016

NOTE:  The above testimonials and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.