What Makes Us Different

Trial experience matters.

“Litigation experience” for most lawyers rarely means jury trial experience. You likely would be surprised to learn few attorneys actually go to trial, despite claiming to be experienced “litigators.” Instead, they tout winning motions or settlements. In contrast, we have extensive experience actually trying cases in courtrooms before judges and juries. We thrive in trial and don’t shy away from it. Many of our cases settle, but we get better settlements because we are true trial lawyers. We have a lengthy and consistent track record of winning big jury verdicts for plaintiffs and obtaining defense verdicts in cases where we represent the defendant. Our opponents soon learn this and factor it into their approach and settlements.


Unlike attorneys who take most every case that walks through their door, we are VERY selective in the cases we choose to handle at Edleson & Hindman. On average, we accept only about one in 50 cases presented to us. We have the luxury of taking only cases we believe in. We spend our time working for honest people and reputable companies who deserve to win. We work very hard and do not like to spend our time representing people or companies we believe deserve to lose. And we’re prepared to go to trial on every case we accept. Many other attorneys shy away from trial. Not us. That is a difference that counts.

A common-sense approach to winning.

We take a common-sense approach, explaining in a persuasive manner complex issues in terms the average juror (and busy judge) can understand. And we do so without the arrogance, condescension, and insulting behavior so often attributed to lawyers. We appreciate that juries, judges, and arbitrators want to avoid harsh and unfair results and we know that merely having “book smarts” is not enough to persuade a jury. We recognize and practice honesty, fairness, and ethics, and we pride ourselves on having common sense, creativity, social skills, and likability. If your attorney does not come across well to others, odds are you won’t win.

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Personal service. Hands-on attention.

Unlike larger firms with teams of attorneys, we don’t delegate to lower-level associates and paralegals. Instead, our clients have easy and direct accessibility, dedicated service, and complete transparency and accountability.

Edleson & Hindman May Be Small, But We Are Capable of Handling the “Big One”

Edleson & Hindman has been asked how well equipped they are to handle large, complex, and document-intensive cases. The answer is: Better than most large firms!

In large firms the reality is the bulk of the work is done by teams consisting typically of newer attorneys. At Edleson & Hindman, you get a team of attorneys with a combined total of over 85 years of legal experience. And we do all the work ourselves. Analogized in the press as “David vs. Goliath,” we have successfully handled cases against huge multi-national law firms. In fact, the vast majority of our cases are against these large law firms. And several have hired us to represent them when they get into difficulties. One former opposing counsel from a large national firm lamented that his firm’s efforts to “bury” our attorneys proved unsuccessful as we reviewed every page of the hundreds of thousands of documents they produced, uncovered the “smoking guns” buried in the documents, won most of the twenty-one pre-trial motions they filed, and obtained an $8.1 million dollar jury verdict in the case. Attempts to “bury” us have the opposite impact; they motivate us and force us to work even harder. We have proven over and over again that, when it comes to litigation, size doesn’t matter; experience, sound judgment and dedication do.

Why experience matters

If most civil cases settle, why does trial experience matter?

The reality is that over 90% of civil cases settle. So, why do you care about your attorney’s trial experience? Because proven success at trial maximizes settlement value of the cases that don’t go to trial. Many attorneys fear the pressure that comes with trying cases before a jury. They fight over many small details and issues, but they cave in when trial approaches by settling to avoid trial. Edleson & Hindman’s partners, on the other hand, thrive in the trial environment and begin planning for trial from the very start of every case. For Edleson & Hindman, trial is the best part of a case. We certainly do not fear it. This is reflected in our trial and arbitration experience (and success record) compared to our competition. Will your case settle? Odds are it will. But we do not take cases expecting to settle. This comes through in the battles we win, as well as the battles we avoid, allowing us to focus on the big issues and not the costly (and unnecessary) skirmishes along the way.

National and local recognition and acclaim.

In the inaugural edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Law Firms” publication, and in subsequent years, Edleson & Rezzo (as the firm was known before it became Edleson, Rezzo & Hindman) was awarded the prestigious “First Tier” ranking, recognizing the firm as one of the “Best Law Firms” in San Diego. For many years, Chip has been awarded the prestigious “AV – Preeminent” ranking from Martindale-Hubbell* and the “Super Lawyers” designation (an honor bestowed on less than 5 percent of California attorneys) based on confidential feedback from judges and lawyers. We’re highly respected for our honest, efficient and results-driven manner of handling lawsuits for individuals and companies. Perhaps most tellingly, the vast majority of our cases come from referrals made to us by other attorneys and firms (including attorneys we previously opposed in prior cases). To learn more about the firm’s awards and honors, see Chip and Jesse’s bios under the “About Us” tab.

*The Martindale-Hubbell ranking is the “gold standard” rating for lawyers.  The “AV” designation is awarded to less than 5% of all attorneys across the U.S. It signifies an attorney has been rated by judges and fellow attorneys (based on confidential feedback) as having the highest possible rating for legal abilities and ethical standards based on: (1) legal knowledge, (2) analytical capabilities, (3) judgment, (4) communication ability, (5) legal experience, and (6) ethics.

Unlike some attorneys who pay to be featured in magazines we have never paid for any magazine or newspaper feature or to be given any “award.” We’ve earned ours.

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Choosing an attorney to handle a lawsuit requires mutual trust, respect, and “chemistry.” It’s a partnership to be considered very carefully and seriously. A consultation with us will allow you to confidentially discuss your particular situation and help you make the right choice.

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